Client Testimonials

“They are customer oriented, did a quick installation and I was satisfied with the work.”

– Ginger S.

“They are very personable, they listen to what you need and are upfront people.”

– Marla G.

“Everything was great, the designer came and they had a design & simulation on their computer. We are really happy with their service.”

– Marco N.

“Their service is friendly.”

– Esperanza A.

“The amount of extra space that the closet created was great.”

– Brian O.

“They were really helpful and the price was pretty good”

– Ray W.

“The sale woman was very nice, listened well, and gave us what we wanted. The installation was fast and high quality.”

– Loni D.

“Mimi came and showed us a 3d design on the computer and that was very helpful.”

– Cindy H.

“They came in, took the exact measurements and they gave me different options to choose from.”

– Cathy G.

“We liked the people that we dealt with number one, they very friendly, helpful and we like the price and the workmanship was wonderful.”

– Bill N.

“They were fast, efficient, and on time.”

– Margaret M.

“I liked Fred, he was eager to please and gave us very good service.”

– Don B.

“They were prompt and accurate. They could fit our space. The design is exactly what we needed.”

– Dorothea M.

“They were friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable.”

– Denise T.

“They were very friendly and did a good job.”

– Michael M.

“The service was really good and their flexibility.”

– Angel L.

“The quality of the workmanship and the designer is very competent.”

– Anita Z.

“It was so quick, we met them at a show and had them do some work for us and it was great.”

– Cynthia Y.

“Their promptness and the quality of the work and they were cordial.”

– Pam B.

“The woman I worked with on planning and installing; she worked with me all the way and she was very flexible.”

– Anne T.

“The price was good. They did it quickly.”

– Becky M.

“They made adjustments according to my needs.”

– Rochelle A.

“They were responsive, the price was very reasonable and the installation was high in quality.”

– Steve K.

“The timeliness with which they completed the job.”

– Roy A.

“I like the finish on the closets and their sturdiness.”

– Todd H.

“They were very friendly, knowledgeable and they did exactly what they said they would.”

– Dave B.

“Fred and his daughter are such nice people.”

– Kathy B.

“They were less expensive than the other place and they are local.”

– Lindsay H.

“I felt comfortable knowing that the same guy that did the consultation did the installation.”

– Dawn M.

“They got the closets installed in one day and everything still works fine.”

– Mark C.

“I like that it’s a family outfit.”

– Gustavo F.

“Their end product was very good. They responded right away when I called them to set up an appointment, and they were very accommodating. The installer was very good and friendly.”

– Lois E.

“They were efficient and the most reasonably priced for what I wanted. The other closet places were bigger, but Payless was more flexible and willing to work with me to get what I wanted.”

– Beth L.

“The quality of work was great and they understood what I was going after. They personalize it to exactly what you need and are able to customize.”

– Mike B.

“I liked the relaxed atmosphere.”

– Randy B.

“Extremely helpful and supportive in accommodating our initial closet design concept.”

– Irene N.